Audaçias, a registered trademark, is the brand’s first collection. It is inspired by the purity and simplicity of  Minho Sweetheart Handkerchiefs, a singular tradition started by audacious women who expressed their feelings through the art of embroidery.

The collection is presented in three different lines: 

The Eternus Line is inspired by the ship’s smoke motif embroidered in the “Quatro Quadras” (Four Quatrains) handkerchief.

These handkerchiefs are a reflection of an era. This line symbolizes the emigration and nostalgia (saudades) of those who left and emigrated to Brazil. Other symbols have resulted from the art of this time: smoke-shaped designs with a heart-shaped clasp (symbolizing love) or an envelope design (symbolizing that a message was sent to the loved one). These are unique creations and a perfect line of jewellery to wear on a daily basis.

Handcrafted Eternus Earrings In Sterling Silver

The Novius Line is inspired by the popularly known “Bride’s handkerchief”. It is said that the original one is called “Alice’s handkerchief” and was embroidered by Alice Pinheiro as a gift for her daughter on her wedding day. This beautiful and simple gesture from mother to daughter inspired us to honor all women in a special way by giving a woman’s name to each piece of jewellery and to each story. The embroidery motifs are portrayed in our jewellery. The application of the filigree technique in silver and gold results in wonderful and artistic pieces of jewellery. These delicate and unique creations are the perfect design to be worn on special occasions.

Handcrafted Gisela G necklace in gold

The Quatro Quadras Line is also inspired by the “Four Quatrains” (Quatro Quadras) handkerchief. These pieces of jewellery are made from sterling silver or gold and symbolize the various handkerchiefs’ motifs: the heart (love); the key (the union of two hearts); the ivy (loyal love); the boat and the carrier-pigeon (emigration and nostalgia); and the branches (life and the perpetuation of the human species). The symbolism behind these motifs provides enormous flexibility and variety in the models. These are unique creations and a very versatile line. Some models can be worn on a daily basis and others can be saved for special days.

Coração (Heart) Earrings Handcrafted in Filigree

And it does not end here! The richness of these handkerchiefs’ designs provides endless creations, as endless as the depth of human emotions and traditions.

*in order to maintain the spirit of Lenços de Namorados, Audaçias is misspelled; the correct spelling is audácias.


Minho Sweetheart handkerchief is a certified handicraft product, with registered trademark through Geographical Identification (GI) belonging to Adere-Minho (Certification Body).